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Daisy-chained shift registers and 7-Segments display on

2 years ago Enrico 378
Another open hardware project published in two parts on few days ago. Read part 1 and part 2 articles of the project. The first article introduces a small board that, using four daisy-chained shift registers, enhances Arduino with a general-purpose extension of up to 32 output ports; it works on most Arduino boards and Arduino-compatible Read More

Alphanumeric LCD for Arduino on

2 years ago Enrico 23
Sold by Balearic Dynamics in a pre-assembled kit, the Alphanumeric LCD for Arduino is based on the use of the Shift-out Register 74HC595 chip. This means that with only three pins of the Arduino board users can benefit of a great tool adding this component to their projects. For those users interested in the details, curious, Arduino fans, or DIY lovers, they Read More