Alphanumeric LCD Arduino Kit

Use only three pins to control a 16×2 Alphanumeric LCD Display. The Alphanumeric LCD Kit for Arduino is also described in the article published by

For full details on how to assembly the kit, look at

The Alphanumeric LCD Kit for Arduino using only one component, and of course the LCD, povide the Arduino board with at least a 16×2 alphanumeric LCD display we will use in all our future applications.

Thanks to the adoption of the Shift Register 74HC595 device this project consumes only three I/O Arduino pins, no matter what we decide to use, connected to a Shift Register. I have experienced that an alphanumeric LCD added to Arduino as a stable add-on device is very useful during the debug phase of the sketches and gives much more options to our projects. Especially in case of unavailability of the Arduino USB port connected to the PC.

The kit includes:

  • 45mm x 55mm dual-sided PCB with DIL Socket for the shift-register component (green coated)
  • N.1 74HC595 shift-out register
  • N.1 High precision 50K variable potentiometer
  • N.1 16×2 Alphanumeric LCD display withPins to fit in the board
  • Three 20 cm cables with Arduino-compatible pins
  • Two 20 cm power cables with Arduino-compatible pins

This kit is adopted by myself in more complex projects where the Arduino board is used as the first-level prototyping of the circuits. On the main site you can find an entire section, frequently updated, with sketches and examples applying the display in various ways. Follow the links below for software and documentation download.

This kit is not only compatible with Arduino but also with any other microcontroller. The product can be added to your projects and as you can see in the examples linked below it is simple to integrate the display usage with any other parts. Also because the Shift LCD Library consumes few memory of the board.

The kit has been tested on many different Arduino boards, from duemilanove up to uno, mini, nano and Arduino-compatible boards.

Software and documentation download

You can download the needed material from the links below. Note that the source code is in zip format while the documentation is PDF.

Kit pricing options:

  • Full pre-assembled Kit: 22,00 $
  • Kit without LCD device: 18,00 $
  • PCB Only: 10,00 $

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Where to buy

You can find the kit on

LCD Alpha (1200x1200)  1