Digital potentiometer(s) Arduino Shield

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DigiPot Shield (1200px) 3The Digital Potentiometer Arduino Shield is based on AD5206 6 digital potentiometers. The shield includes components to give the user the possibility to experiment real applications, with two suggested inspiring examples. A cheap device that can fit in your project, not limited to audio control.

Shield features:

  • Compatible with Arduino Duemilanove, Diecimila, Arduino UNO R1/R2
  • Includes 6 trimmers connected to the 6 analog PINs on the Arduino board to be used for testing os values preset. Triggers can be excluded as well depending on the usage of the shield
  • A yellow LED shows the SPI clock status when the Arduino board communicates with the device
  • Support external VCC reference power for the digital potentiometers alternatively to the standard Arduino 5VCC
  • Includes 6 testing LEDs that can be excluded with a jumper
  • Output connector with Power and digital potentiometers signal out

DigiPot Shield (1200px) 4Software and documentation download

Shield images, schematics and circuit layout

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Kit pricing options:

  • Full pre-assembled Kit: 22,00 $
  • PCB Only: 10,00 $

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