Introducing Sunphor POS


What is Sunphor POS

It is an innovative product born by the partnership of the Spanish company Balearic Dynamics and the Chinese Sunphor Printers Company. Together we have developed the first full equipped POS system 100% fully adaptable to any kind of requirements.

Sunphor POS is the first Android-based hardware device that can work in a wide quantity of modes:

  • Stand-alone as a very simple Point Of Sale cash register
  • Connected as a Point Of Sale with many Web options
  • Multi-shop as a Network of POS units Installed in different shops of the same small network
  • Network as a group of devices connected to a server to manage wide POS architecture like minimarket and supermarket
  • Multi-POS act as the main Point Of Sale centralizing a series of mobile connected sub-devices, e.g. the waiters in a restaurant.

Key features

POS Hardware 4The Sunphor POS system has a set of key features that make this product unique and incredibly powerful. We aimed to create a new generation of selling devices hat can dramatically change the POS architecture approach of our customers.

  • All the units are multiuser starting from the Stand-alone version.
  • Starting from the smaller configuration hardware bought by customers should never be replaced: it can simply grow covering the customer expansion.
  • There is not hardware and software difference. No problems of license, complex installations and so on. Every module can be installed by the user itself and the entire system is always ready-to-run.
  • Detailed reporting.
  • Wide availability of hardware add-on: WiFi and LAN connection, Extra printers ready to connect, Barcode reader, fingerprint readers, RFID TAG reader and much more.
  • Extremely simple and friendly user interface.
  • In-app special features like discount management and product listing, departments and more.


POS Hardware 8Sunphor POS is a modular system. This means that every new add-on or feature can be added to the first architecture bought by the customer so the system can grow accordingly with the needs of the clients. There are no parts of the Sunphor POS architecture that comes obsolete or should be replaced to get more by your POS system. Instead there are modules, hardware and software, that can be added only when needed.

Let us show it with an example:

The customer buy the Stand-alone Sunphor POS system and immediately start using it in his take-away restaurant.

As the clients increase, he needs one more printer to print clients requests in the kitchen. He buy the Network printer module, enable it from the settings menu of the POS and immediately start printing the request list to the kitchen printer and the payment receipt with the POS internal printer.

The next year the customer decides to boost his business also serving lunches and transforming his take-away in a small restaurant. He needs a waiter and the waiter needs something to acquire the clients orders at the table. The customer buy a mobile unit for the waiter: 10 inches tablet + bluetooth printer.

As the waiter collect orders from the clients the to-do list is printed on the kitchen printer and the clients receipts remain opened until they pay.

Exceptionally competitive price

Sunphor POS products family is sold at a incredible competitive price. You can buy only what you need a a very limited cost. This means a very fast return of investment staying on top of the technology.

POS Hardware 3

Unique features for every add-on module

Every add-on module has its own unique features. Modules are ready-to-run: this means that there are not surprires, no replacement parts, no hidden extra costs.

Multiple entry points

The total modularity of the Sunphor POS products family got us the option to create many different entry points, depending on the customer kind of business. Every module and add-on is 100% compatible with all the others; this means that the components can be mixed creating a wide set of options. Every customer can make its own personalized configuration saving customization extra-costs.

Dealers and distributors

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