Seminario Gratuito de Robótica

Sábado 10 de marzo, a las horas 11:00 AM, seminario gratuito de robótica en el espacio Knowhere Denia para adolescentes desde 12 años. No es necesaria experiencia previa de electrónica o programación.

Carrer de Fora Mur 12 – Denia (info: 636230559)

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Sponsor: Kitronik ( y Asociación Robótica Domotica de España (

Seminario Gratuito de Robótica

PONF Project: development platform buildup backstage

The first step of the hardware building of the PONF project has been done. The image gallery shows the backstage transforming a vintage 70’s analog reflex to the development platform for the electronic back of the PONF dual-back camera.

The Vintage 555 button debouncer

Buttons and tactile switches are frequently used in many projects involving micro controllers; one of the most frequent issue we met is related to unwanted multiple transitions when the button is pressed once.

Tactile switches, as well as push buttons are mechanical components subject to the problem of bouncing. When a button is connected to a digital GPIO input pin (i.e. an Arduino pin configured as INPUT) we ideally expect that when the button is pressed we get only one high digital signal; unfortunately this rarely happens. During the mechanical movement the physical material vibrates affecting the voltage and the transitions between the On/Off status are not so clear as we usually need. Micro controllers and FPGA are fast enough reading the microseconds oscillations when the button is pressed, resulting multiple readings while apparently we are pressing the button only once.

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