Coming soon: TiltPan Micro Camera Arduino Shield

2 years ago Enrico 380
The next project will be published, soon available on is the TiltPan Micro Camera Arduino Shield. In the following video you can see the prototype on-the-move. Main features Dual-axis tilt and pan 180 Deg movement with micro servos Board shield arduino compatible with Duemilanove, Diecimila, Arduino UNO R1/R2 include a full HD micro camera Read More

Coming Soon MicroDrone project: MicroCamera arm test

2 years ago Enrico 386
The microcamera case should be connected to the microdrone arm support, the white component in the slideshow below. The two-parts arm-support has the advantage to be oriented and locked in different azimuth positions between 0 DEG (ground alignment) and about 60 DEG. Limitations A well known limitation is that, due the very reduced Read More

Coming Soon MicroDrone project: MicroCamera prototype

2 years ago Enrico 380
It has been completed a few days ago the microcamera prototype ultra-lightweight plastic container and support. It will be mounted on the drone and other remote camera control supports. The tests done with the support connected to a microdrone got very good results. See the next “MicroDrone project” posts for more images and updates. Read More