Digital Potentiometer Arduino Shield Reviewed by Freetronics.com

2 years ago Enrico 557
We wish to thank the friends of Freetronics (Australia) for the review of the Digital Potentiometer Arduino Shield on their great blog. The shield PCB or full assembly version can be bought on Tindie. for 10$ (or less, follow the discounts and promotions). See the Freetronics full blog post here. Read More

Digital Potentiometer Arduino Shield on Electro Schematics

2 years ago Enrico 65
Full description of the Digital Potentiometer Arduino Shield on the new article on Electro Schematics electronic site. The article can be found in the Arduino section. Includes downloadable sketches of the programs shown in the video below, a complete description of the project, schematics, PCB layout and the digital potentiometer device data-sheet. The shield PCB Read More

Daisy-chained shift registers and 7-Segments display on Electroschematics.com

2 years ago Enrico 378
Another open hardware project published in two parts on electroschematics.com few days ago. Read part 1 and part 2 articles of the project. The first article introduces a small board that, using four daisy-chained shift registers, enhances Arduino with a general-purpose extension of up to 32 output ports; it works on most Arduino boards and Arduino-compatible Read More

Alphanumeric LCD for Arduino on Electroschematics.com

2 years ago Enrico 23
Sold by Balearic Dynamics in a pre-assembled kit, the Alphanumeric LCD for Arduino is based on the use of the Shift-out Register 74HC595 chip. This means that with only three pins of the Arduino board users can benefit of a great tool adding this component to their projects. For those users interested in the details, curious, Arduino fans, or DIY lovers, they Read More